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"The Best Keylogger 3 54 1006 Final Stable Build Crack"

Hash: c626779687343c66bf6fd08adcbbb454fccf080f

Found on: Sumotorrent, Monova
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Record everything happening on the computer while away! The Best Keylogger provides you with features like the latest advanced logging technology and remote delivery of logs via email.
- Log absolutely everything and send the logs to your mail.
- Uncover secret user passwords and websites visited.
- See everything with screenshot recording and slideshow playback.
- The Best Keylogger is completely invisible and leaves no trace.
-Keystroke logging
-Screenshots logging
-Files logging
-Printer logging
-MSN conversation logging
-Mail logging
-Process logging
-System logging
-Mouseclick logging
-Copy paste logging
-Autostart with windows
-Automatic clearing of logs
-Upload logs to ftp
-Print logs
-Flush logs to usb
-Export logs to harddisk
-Receive email logs
-Receive notification logs
-Great filtering options
-Password protection
1.Unpack and install
2.delete c:\programdata\sysdir\settings.ic
3.Copy cracked sysdir.exe to installation directory
4.Use any key to register


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